17/2/2022 LK-RICH met with Mr. Worakarn, Director of the BOI to discuss the topic Investment promotion policy towards sustainable economic development based on BCG principles

The meeting with Mr. Worakarn, Director of the Investment Services Division and Dr. Ratchanee, Director of the Investment Marketing Division, Overseas Investment Promotion Agency, BOI, emphasized the investment promotion policy aimed at towards sustainable economic development on the basis of BCG (bio-circular-green) principles, environmentally-friendly green era The key points of discussion were as follows:

Measures to support EVs Government subsidies – tax reduction (according to the Thai Post newspaper, 18 Feb 2022)

On February 15, 2022, the Cabinet has acknowledged measures to support the production of EV cars/motorcycles in the country, such as the exemption of import duties for Parts that are imported during the years 2022-2025 for the measure are divided into 2 periods, namely, 2022-2025 promote the use of battery electric vehicles in 3 groups: subsidized cars and pickup trucks. 70,000-150,000 baht/car, motorcycle 18,000 baht/car, reduction of excise tax on cars from 8% to 2% and pickup trucks to 0%. Year 2023

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