29 March 2022 Banpu NEXT invests in floating solar project in the LK-RICH industrial estate.

       Mr. Chanit Suwanparin Senior Vice President – Marketing and Sales Management of Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd. said that Banpu NEXT operates business according to Banpu Group’s Greener & Smarter strategy. Delivering smart energy solutions for sustainability meet the needs of customers. Continuously promote the development of smart cities. In 2022, plan to penetrate all types of solar installations in Thailand for all industries. Especially industrial estates and large industries.

       Currently, a large floating solar project In LK-RICH industrial estate, Rayong Province, of Tribecca Enterprises Co., Ltd., with a total capacity of 16 megawatts, the installation is more than 95% complete and is expected to start supplying electricity in the middle of the year. and installing digital platforms and dashboards that help the Industrial Estate Quality and water level monitors including the operation of the solar system in real-time The most efficient power generation does not affect the ecosystem of the pond Reduces electricity costs, reduces CO2 emissions by 11,000 tons per year.

       The area installed floating solar is a large water pond with a total area of approximately 4,293,000 cubic meters. We will choose solar panels with high efficiency in generating electricity. Moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The float will use the type that has been certified for food contact (HDPE Food Contact Grade). that is safe for the underwater ecosystem flexible Able to support various types of solar panels by calculating the distance of the solar panels and suitable water surface including buoy design and panel systems to withstand vibrations that may occur from waves or wind.

       Floating solar project completed It will help increase energy efficiency. Throughout the 20-year contract period, electricity costs can be saved by more than 200 million baht, reducing pollution to the area.

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