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Dr.Luckchai Kittipol

Dr.Luckchai Kittipol was born in 1957 in Thailand to a Chinese family in the rubber industry.
His ancestral home in Gutian, Fujian province, China.
He participated in the formulation of the 18th constitution of Thailand.
Since 1985 , he has been the chairman of Thai Hua Rubber PLC.
In 2003,he has served as the chairman of Tribeca Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

  • 2010 certificate and Ratthapiruk Brooch from His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of the National Defence College course 2552 by National Defence College
  • 2007 Honorary Doctoral Degree in Industrial Economic At Ramkamhaeng University
  • 2001 Bachelor of Economics (Industrial Economics), Ramkamhaeng University
  • 2002 Certificate in Agricultural goods future exchange
  • 1996 Certificate of development of top management of private and public sectors 1st by National Institute of Development Administration
  • 1993 Certificate of Accounting for Managers Faculty of Commerce and Accounting, Chulalongkorn University
  • 1990 Certificate of Financial Management for entrepreneur by Institute granted by The Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand
  • 1989 Certificate of Human relations and psychology in working environment, 3rd group, Thammasat University
Social Activities:
  • President of the Rotary Club of Bangkok-Ratchada
  • President of Fuzhou Association of Thailand • Vice President of Hokien Association of Thailand
  • Consult for Office of Support for Chinese Immigrant from Hokien Province.
  • Committee of Friends of Hokien Province Federation.
Work Experiences:
  • Hornorable President Of Thai Rubber Association
  • Vice President Of The China Council For The Promotion Of International Trade (CCPIT) Private and Public sectors.
  • Industrial Specialist of Natural Rubber Industry, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resource study, Mahidol University Personal Investment
  • President Thai Hua Rubber PCL, exports of natural Rubber
  • Managing Director Nutrago (Thailand) Limited, manufacturer and export of coffee bean and ACAFE coffee shop
  • Managing Director Thai Mac STR Limited, STR manufacturer
  • Board Chairman Mitraphap Koa Horm Limited, manufacturer and distributor of rice
  • Board Chairman T.I.R global Limited , of manufacturer of books in the scope of natural rubber
  • Board Chairman Evergrow Limited, Chemical Fertilizer, import of chemical fertilizer

master plan

Vision & Mission


"Creating a new order for growth"

We believe that we have capability for build up a good atmosphere for expansion and development of economy,environment, and community. By encouraging populations and rubber related enterprises to shift their focus of their energies and resources – natural rubber resources in Thailand – to battles for global markets, as a means of improving their quality of life and achieving economic independence, for Rayong Province as well as for Thailand Rubber Related Industries 


"Establish a most competitive eco-sensitive Rubber Technology Industrial Estate"

We believe that we have the capability to build up a good atmosphere for the expansion and development of the economy, environment, and community. By encouraging populations and Net-zero industries to shift the focus of their energies and resources to acquire the global markets’ share, as a means of improving their quality of life and achieving economic independence for Rayong Province, empowering the next generation city and community to drive the Thai Economy in the eastern region of Thailand.

Future Project

Smart Mobility

LK-RICH will focus on increasing the usage of electric vehicles, e-bikes and E-truck trucks.

Smart Community

Provide a common area to create a society, share, focused on people’s participation in activity.

Smart Economy

R&D on rubber and local agricultural products.

Smart Environment

Smart Environments connect computers and other smart devices to everyday settings and tasks.

Smart Governance

Develop a service system to enable people to access on services conveniently and effectively.

Smart Living

Smart living under the concept of friendly lifestyle design.

Smart Energy

Promote environmentally friendly energy and increase usage of renewable energy sources.

S-curve industrial

Research and Development


Renewable energy

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Tribeca Enterprise Co., Ltd.