8/12/2021 LK-RICH welcomed the delegation of OSMEP.

LK-RICH Industrial Estate welcomed Dr. Weerapong Malai, Director of Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion,

The Director of OSMEP said he was pleased to have come to visit the Industrial Estate. Which is an industrial estate that specializes in rubber bureau from upstream to downstream for information support for SMEs, OSMEP has more than 3 million SMEs members nationwide, so it can support information on names of Thai SME businessmen in various fields.

The Director of OSMEP gave suggestions, to promote foreign investment by supporting mutual support between foreign investors and Thai SMEs, OSMEP will use the opportunity to persuade investment. In the manner that has been identified to join the business of Thai SMEs as well to see that different investment in Thailand plays a part in the development of Thai SMEs and creates jobs for Thai. This will be used as an indicator of the success of SME investment promotion and development at the same time.

In this occasion of leading the delegation to tour the area in the industrial estate, LK-RICH has proposed to OSMEP to consider setting up a representative office in the Industrial Estate. This will be like a One Stop Service to facilitate foreign investors. In particular, the information of Thai SME companies is comprehensive and responds to the entry of investors in LK-RICH Industrial Estate, Rayong Province.

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